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Table 1 Six TFs that were significantly correlated with overall survival in HNSCC patients

From: A panel of Transcription factors identified by data mining can predict the prognosis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Gene nameEnsemble IDChromosomalP-valueaHRaCoefficientb
HOXA1ENSG00000105991Chromosome 7: 27,092,993–27,095,9969.12 E−051.4116640.18495
MEIS1ENSG00000143995Chromosome 2: 66,433,452–66,573,8690.0009930.750304− 0.25013
LHX1ENSG00000273706Chromosome 17: 36,657,875–37,056,8710.0022171.2341420.16043
ZNF662ENSG00000182983Chromosome 3: 42,905,731–42,917,6410.0021670.69372− 0.30561
HOXB8ENSG00000120068Chromosome 17: 48,611,377–48,614,9390.0005411.3359710.37540
ZBTB32ENSG00000011590Chromosome 19: 35,704,527–35,717,0380.0053330.746947− 0.26993
  1. aDerived from the multivariate Cox stepwise regression analysis in HNSCC patients
  2. bDerived from the multivariate Cox stepwise regression analysis of HNSCC patients in TCGA cohort