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Table 3 Correlation of galectins with clinical characteristics

From: Prognostic and diagnostic significance of galectins in pancreatic cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Clinical characteristicsGalectinsGalectin-3
No. of studiesOR95% CII2 (P)No. of studiesOR95% CII2 (P)
TNM stages III + IV vs. I + II50.5290.252–1.10913.1% (0.327)30.3640.106–1.24421.1% (0.281)
Invasion depth T3 + T4 vs. T2 + T161.4760.366–5.94775.6% (0.003)30.8700.091–8.30165.3% (0.056)
Perineural invasion positive vs. negative41.3020.735–2.3040.0% (0.415)11.2260.350–4.299
Vascular invasion positive vs. negative22.1350.514–8.85750.0% (0.157)11.2950.573–2.929
Lymphatic invasion positive vs. negative60.9020.501–1.62629.4% (0.215)40.7220.380–1.3730.0% (0.594)
Distant metastasis positive vs. negative30.8370.397–1.7680.0% (0.611)30.8370.397–1.7680.0% (0.611)
Differentiation grade poor + vs. well + moderate50.7910.256–2.44275.2% (0.003)21.0660.506–2.2430.0% (0.859)