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Fig. 5

From: MicroRNA-1269 promotes cell proliferation via the AKT signaling pathway by targeting RASSF9 in human gastric cancer

Fig. 5

RASSF9 siRNAs promote the proliferation of human GC cells. a The results showed the knockdown efficiency of RASSF9 siRNA-1/2 in AGS/MKN-45 cells at 24 h after transfection. b MTT assay showed that RASSF9 siRNA-1/2 increased the activity of AGS/MKN-45 cells at 48 and 72 h. c Cell counting assay revealed that RASSF9 siRNA-1/2 promoted AGS/MKN-45 cell proliferation at 48 and 72 h. d Flow cytometric analysis showed the percentage of AGS/MKN-45 cells in the G0/G1, S and G2/M phases. The proportion of G0/G1 phase cells decreased after RASSF9 siRNA-1/2 transfection, and the proportion of S and G2/M phase cells increased. e The data showed the percentage of early and late apoptosis after RASSF9 siRNA-1/2 transfection. f RASSF9, p-AKT, Cyclin D1, CDK2, Bcl-2 and Bax protein expression levels were measured 48 h after RASSF9 siRNA-1/2 transfection. Wilcoxon test, *p < 0.01, n = 3

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