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Fig. 7

From: MicroRNA-1269 promotes cell proliferation via the AKT signaling pathway by targeting RASSF9 in human gastric cancer

Fig. 7

RASSF9 overexpression rescues the miR-1269-induced cellular phenotypes in GC cells. a RASSF9 overexpression rescued RASSF9 mRNA expression levels reduced by miR-1269. b RASSF9 overexpression rescued RASSF9 protein expression levels reduced by miR-1269. c MTT assay was performed to examine the growth of AGS/MKN-45 cells after cotransfection with RASSF9 and miR-1269 expression vectors. d Cell counting assay was used to measure AGS/MKN-45 cell proliferation following cotransfection with RASSF9 and miR-1269. One-way ANOVA, *p < 0.01, compared with the control group; #p < 0.01, compared with the miR-1269 overexpression group, n = 3

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