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Fig. 1

From: Amphicrine carcinoma of the stomach and intestine: a clinicopathologic and pan-cancer transcriptome analysis of a distinct entity

Fig. 1

Amphicrine carcinoma with a high-grade pattern (case 6). a Ulcerative mass in the gastric angle, gross appearance. b Destructive infiltration with extension into the subserosal tissue. c Fusion and disorganized growth of amphicrine carcinoma cells, ×400. d Infiltrating signet ring-like cells with nuclei compressed to the periphery by abundant intracellular mucin, ×400. e Positive staining of synaptophysin, ×200. f Focal positive staining of chromogranin A, ×200. g Immunostaining of Ki67, ×200. h Staining of intracellular and extracellular mucin by Alcian blue, ×200

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