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Fig. 4

From: Amphicrine carcinoma of the stomach and intestine: a clinicopathologic and pan-cancer transcriptome analysis of a distinct entity

Fig. 4

Expression profiling and survival of patients with amphicrine carcinoma. a Hierarchical clustering analyses of amphicrine carcinoma samples. The colored pixels indicate the magnitude of expression of any gene, where the shades of red and blue represent overexpression and underexpression, respectively, relative to the mean expression level of each gene. Heatmap representation of the normalized mRNA levels of 90 genes (rows) in the tumor samples (columns), including amphicrine carcinoma (AC) in purple, neuroendocrine tumor (NET) in orange, and gastric adenocarcinoma (STAD) in blue. All AC patients were clustered into the STAD type, differentiated from the NET group. b Relative mRNA expression intensity for 12 genes. A total of 12 genes were selected for profiling based on their significant differences among the 3 groups. c Minimum protein–protein interaction network of the 12 genes. Blue nodes indicate the proteins involved in the 12-gene set, whereas grey nodes represent proteins absent in the 12-gene set. The size of the node is proportional to the degree of connections

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