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Table 2 Histologic features of amphicrine cancer

From: Amphicrine carcinoma of the stomach and intestine: a clinicopathologic and pan-cancer transcriptome analysis of a distinct entity

CaseGroupGradeaOther componentsHistologic architectureGrade percentConspicuous nucleoliMitosis (per 10 HPF)MucinGenetic analysis
1LowLowAdenocarcinoma 5%Tubular and sheet-like growth9502++ 
2LowLowTubular growth10001++Yes
3LowLowTubular and sheet-like growth10002+Yes
4LowLowTubular and sheet-like growth10006+ 
5HighHighThick trabecular and fusion growth0100+24+ 
6HighHighSingle files, fusion and disorganized growth010011++Yes
7HighHighAdenocarcinoma 5%Single files and tubules growth4550+32++Yesa
8HighHighFusion and disorganized growth59520+ 
9MixedHighNEC 60%Fusion and disorganized growth04012+ 
10MixedHighNEC 50%Fusion and disorganized growth050 20+ 
  1. NEC Neuroendocrine carcinoma, IC intracellular, EC extracellular, HPF high power fields
  2. aHigh-grade Amphicrine area was selected to perform genetic assay