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Fig. 6

From: Enhanced osteopontin splicing regulated by RUNX2 is HDAC-dependent and induces invasive phenotypes in NSCLC cells

Fig. 6

TGF-β induced OPNc expression enhanced the mobility of SK-MES-1 cells with a dependence to HDACs. a TGF-β treatments for 48 h increased the invasiveness of SK-MES-1 cells. b TGF-β induction increased OPNt and OPN-SIs levels with a preference to OPNc. c TGF-β promoted OPNc splicing with most significance in SK-MES-1 cells. d Knockdown of HDAC1 or HDAC2 significantly decreased the RUNX2-induced OPNc splicing. e The HDAC1 and HDAC2 expression were markedly reduced in the SK-MES-1 cells transfected with the targeted siRNAs. f Overexpression of OPN-SIs significantly promoted the migration of SK-MES-1 cells

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