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Fig. 3

From: Cisplatin-resistant A549 non-small cell lung cancer cells can be identified by increased mitochondrial mass and are sensitive to pemetrexed treatment

Fig. 3

FACS-based isolation of Mito-High and Mito-Low subpopulations from paraclonal A549 cells. For cell sorting, the following gates were sequentially applied: a Debris exclusion based on the cell size and granularity (FSC-A vs SSC-A, respectively), e.g. gate P1 includes 96.4% of total population. b Second round of debris exclusion based on DNA content (Alexa Fluor 405-A, e.g. gate P2 includes 97.1% of gate P1. c Single cell gate based on DNA content measurement (Alexa Fluor 405-A vs Alexa Fluor 405-W, e.g. gate P3 includes 73.6% of gate P2. d Based on MitoTracker Deep Red staining (APC-a), sorting gates P4 and P5 were defined so each contains 10% of the total single cell population, either with the highest or lowest MitoTracker signal intensity, i.e. “Mito-High” and “Mito-Low”, respectively

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