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Fig. 4

From: Silencing expression of PHF14 in glioblastoma promotes apoptosis, mitigates proliferation and invasiveness via Wnt signal pathway

Fig. 4

PHF14 silencing attenuates growth of glioblastomas and delays the onset of deaths in vivo. a 3 × 105 U87MG scrambled or PHF14 silenced cells were implanted into 8-week-old nude mice (6 mice for each group). Once neurological disorders appeared, the animal would get sacrificed. The median overall survival of tumor bearing mice was prolonged from 32 days (n = 6) to 44.5 days (n = 4) after PHF14 was knocked down (P < 0.05). Two nude mice in PHF14 silencing group were excluded because no tumor was found after euthanized. b Ki-67 immunostainings of sliced brains of executed animals. PHF14 silenced cells represented weaker intensity, suggesting its lower proliferation rate (b, c) (Scale bar = 100 μm)

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