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Fig. 4

From: S-15 in combination of Akt inhibitor promotes the expansion of CD45RACCR7+ tumor infiltrating lymphocytes with high cytotoxic potential and downregulating PD-1+Tim-3+ cells as well as regulatory T cells

Fig. 4

Expression of Tregs within CD4+ T cells in IL-2, IL-2/S-15, IL-2/Akti and IL-2/S-15/Akti-expanded Tils. a Tumor tissues were obtained from 6 HCC patients. Tissues were disaggregated as specified in “Materials and methods” section and stained with fluorochrome-labeled antibodies against CD3,CD4,CD8, CD25,CD127 and FoxP3. Acquired cells were first gated on CD3+ T cells, within CD3+ T cells the cells expressing CD4+CD8 T cells were gated for next analysis, the cells express CD25+CD127FoxP3+ within CD4+CD8 T cells was determined as Tregs. Representative dot plots with percentages of CD25+CD127FoxP3+ within CD4+ CD8 T cells in different groups at day 25 are shown. bThe dynamic percentages of Tregs within CD4+T cells during the 25-day initial culture period were shown. Data represent the mean ± SEM of six independent experiments. c Summary data about the percentages of Tregs within CD4+ CD8 T cells at day 25 which is from panel b are presented. Statistical significance was analyzed by repeated measures ANOVA

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