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Fig. 5

From: The m6A eraser FTO facilitates proliferation and migration of human cervical cancer cells

Fig. 5

E2F1 and Myc are direct downstream targets of FTO. a Methylated RNA immunoprecipitation of the transcripts of E2F1 and Myc (left panel) and FTO immunoprecipitation assay of E2F1 and Myc transcripts in FTO bound mRNAs (right panel), IgG was used as an internal control. b Gene-specific m6A qPCR analysis of m6A level of E2F1 and Myc transcripts in FTO control and knockdown Hela and SiHa cells. c Polysome profiling of FTO competent and deficient Hela and SiHa cells (upper panel); qRT-PCR examination of E2F1 (middle panel) and Myc (lower panel) mRNA distribution in different ribosome populations. d Western blot analysis of E2F1 and Myc expression in FTO knocking down Hela and SiHa cells

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