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Fig. 1

From: SKA1 promotes malignant phenotype and progression of glioma via multiple signaling pathways

Fig. 1

Increased SKA1 expression level was detected in glioma tissues and associated with poor prognosis in glioma. a In GEO dataset, the expression of SKA1 was markedly increased in high grade glioma (grade IV, n = 74; grade III, n = 30), but insignificantly different in low grade glioma (grade II, n = 44) compared with non-tumor brain tissues (n = 22). b In TCGA database, SKA1 expression was increased in grade IV glioma (n = 166), followed by grade III glioma (n = 259) and grade II glioma (n = 241). c, d Western blot analysis of glioma and non-tumor brain tissues collected from Nanfang hospital, the expression of SKA1 were positively correlated with WHO grades, β-actin was used as a loading control. e ROC curve showed the sensitivity and specificity of SKA1 as a biomarker to distinguish between glioblastoma and non-glioblastoma patients. fh Kaplan–Meier analysis for overall survival (TCGA, n = 673; CGGA, n = 325) and progression-free survival (TCGA, n = 275) in glioma patients according to SKA1 expression level (P < 0.0001, by the log-rank test). Error bars represent the mean with extremum. NB non-tumor brain tissues

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