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Fig. 5

From: Silencing lncRNA ZFAS1 or elevated microRNA-135a represses proliferation, migration, invasion and resistance to apoptosis of osteosarcoma cells

Fig. 5

Declined ZFAS1 or up-regulated miR-135a represses MG63 cell migration and invasion. A MG63 cell migration tested by Transwell assay. B Quantification results in A. C MG63 cell invasion tested by Transwell assay. D Quantification results in C. E MG63 cell healing rate detected by scratch test. F Quantification results in E. G MMP2 and MMP9 protein bands and expression in each group of MG63 cells. The data in the figure were all measurement data, in the form of mean ± standard deviation; a vs the sh-NC group, P < 0.05; b vs the mimic-NC group, P < 0.05; c vs the sh-ZFAS1 + inhibitor NC group, P < 0.05

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