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Table 1 Abscopal effect of AGI-134 in in four independent experiments: incidence of distal B16-F10 tumor development after treatment of a primary B16-F10 tumor with AGI-134 or vehicle

From: AGI-134: a fully synthetic α-Gal glycolipid that converts tumors into in situ autologous vaccines, induces anti-tumor immunity and is synergistic with an anti-PD-1 antibody in mouse melanoma models

Experiment #Observation period (days)Mice with 2° tumors at end of the observation periodMantel–Cox test results
AGI-134 groupPBS group
1252/10 (20%)8/10 (80%)**p = 0.0017
2312/10 (20%)8/10 (80%)*p = 0.009
3320/7 (0%)7/7 (100%)***p = 0.0002
4322/10 (20%)10/10 (100%)***p = 0.0004