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Table 2 Correlation of clinico-pathological features with UBQLN4 expression in ZZU HCC cohort

From: UBQLN4 promotes progression of HCC via activating wnt-β-catenin pathway and is regulated by miR-370

 Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
HR95% CIp valueHR95% CIp value
Age (> 50 vs. ≤ 50)1.1430.884–1.4130.863   
Gender (female vs. ≤ male)0.8460.534–1.3420.479   
Pathogenesis (virus vs. ≤ others)0.7840.341–1.3410.243   
AFP (> 20 vs. ≤ 20)1.2700.684–1.6540.347   
Child-Pugh (C vs. A and B)1.8141.491–2.7650.0291.6740.988–1.9100.190
Cirrhosis (present vs. absent)1.5150.812–2.8250.192   
Vascular invasion (present vs. absent)1.8481.225–2.7930.0032.1801.416–2.4040.022
TNM stage (III and IV vs. I and II)3.3332.262–4.9020.0003.9072.613–5.4610.026
Tumor size (> 5 vs. ≤ 5)1.7511.198–2.5640.0041.3841.020–1.6780.296
Tumor multiplicity (multiple vs. single)2.9642.176–3.4720.0191.9771.323–2.4010.054
UBQLN4 expression (high vs. low)3.0492.215–4.6510.0242.7991.963–4.3380.006
  1. Italics values indicate statistical signiicance, p < 0.05