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Table 2 Successfully established primary glioma PDXs from November 2016 to May 2018

From: Patient-derived xenografts of different grade gliomas retain the heterogeneous histological and genetic features of human gliomas

WHO gradesWHO classificationCases of established PDXsPDXs success rateLatency time (weeks, median range)
IIDiffuse astrocytoma, IDHWT11/311
IIIAnaplastic OGDs, IDHMUT-1p/19qcodeleted160.00% (3/5)18 (14–22)
Anaplastic OGDs, NOS2
IVGBM, IDHWT787.50% (7/8)9 (5–22)
Total 1168.75% (11/16)13 (5–22)
  1. IDH, isocitrate dehydrogenase; WT, wildtype; MUT, mutant; OGD, oligodendroglioma; GBM, Glioblastoma; PDX, patient-derived xenograft