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Table 2 Gene ontology analysis of mRNAs associated with HER2-positive breast cancer

From: Development of a risk scoring system for evaluating the prognosis of patients with Her2-positive breast cancer

CategoryTermCountP value
GOTERM_BP_DIRECTGO:0007165 ~ signal transduction610.028781941
GO:0045944 ~ positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter550.012328036
GO:0051301 ~ cell division432.54E−10
GO:0008284 ~ positive regulation of cell proliferation439.78E−07
GO:0000122 ~ negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter410.025358743
GOTERM_CC_DIRECTGO:0070062 ~ extracellular exosome1682.12E−08
GO:0005576 ~ extracellular region1602.27E−28
GO:0005615 ~ extracellular space1473.61E−30
GO:0005578 ~ proteinaceous extracellular matrix432.09E−14
GO:0031012 ~ extracellular matrix391.74E−10
GOTERM_MF_DIRECTGO:0005515 ~ protein binding3790.003363112
GO:0005509 ~ calcium ion binding612.17E−08
GO:0042802 ~ identical protein binding430.012433807
GO:0042803 ~ protein homodimerization activity420.01295918
GO:0046982 ~ protein heterodimerization activity353.60E−04
  1. aIf there were more than five terms enriched in this category, top five terms were selected according to count value