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Table 2 In vivo studies of compounds that regulate autophagy in ovarian cancer

From: Insight into the role of p62 in the cisplatin resistant mechanisms of ovarian cancer

Compounds Effects on autophagy Involved mechanism Cell effects Tumor model References
Paeonol Activator Inhibiting mTOR/AKT Protective Xenograft (A2780 cells) [91]
JS-K Activator Production of ROS/RNS Cytotoxic Xenograft (SKOV3 cells) [92]
Matrine Activator Inhibiting mTOR/AKT Cytotoxic Xenograft (A2780 cells) [93]
Ormeloxifene Activator Promoting ER stress and unfolded protein response Cytotoxic Xenograft (PA-1cells) [94]
Phyllanthusmin Inhibitor Disruption of lysosomal function Cytotoxic Xenograft (OVCAR8-RFP cells) [95]
APG-1387 Activator Not clear Cytotoxic Xenograft (SKOV3 cells) [96]
Bortezomib Inhibitor Promotion of ERK phosphorylation to suppress cathepsin B Cytotoxic Xenograft (MOSEC/LUC) [97]