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Table 2 Effect of fucoidan on breast cancer cells in vitro

From: The anti-cancer effects of fucoidan: a review of both in vivo and in vitro investigations

Cell typeFucoidan sourceDose (μg/mL)Effects on cell cycleEffects on apopotosis pathwaysAction characteristicAction mechanismRef
MCF-7Cladosiphon1000Sub-G1 fraction↑PARP cleavage
Caspase-7,8,9 ↑
Cytochrome C, Bax, Bid↑
Induce cell apoptosis[50]
T-47DSaccharina50Less cytotoxic inhibit the binding of EGFReceptor  with EGFInhibit cell proliferation[47]
MCF-7Fucus vesiculosus300G1 phase arrest
Sub-G1 fraction↑
Cyclin D1, CDK-4 gene expression↓
Caspase-8 activation
Cytochrome C, Bax ↑
Release of APAf-1↑
ROS↑Induce cell apoptosis[51]
MDA-MB-231Fucus vesiculosus90–120The protein expressionof phosphorylated Smad2/3, Smad4↓Inhibit cell proliferation[22]
MCF-7Undaria pinnatifida2004–1000Inhibit cell proliferation[18]
  1. PARP poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase, EGF epidermal growth factor, ROS reactive oxygen species