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Table 3 Effect of fucoidan on lung cancer cells in vitro

From: The anti-cancer effects of fucoidan: a review of both in vivo and in vitro investigations

Cell typeFucoidan sourceDose (μg/mL)Effects on cell cycleEffects on apopotosis pathwaysAction characteristicAction mechanismRef
A549Undaria pinnatifida10–200sub-G1 fraction↑Bcl-2, p38, Phospho-PI3K/Akt, procaspase-3↓
Bax, caspase-9, Phospho-ERK1/2 ↑
PARP cleavage
NK-cell ↑Inhibit cell proliferation
Induce cell apoptosis
NSCLC-N6Bifurcaria bifurcata2–9G1 phase arrestThe growth arrest is irreversibleInhibit cell proliferation[52]
Lewis lung carcinoma cellsFucus vesiculosus50–400NF-κB↓Inhibit VEGF,MMPsInhibit metastasis[41]
A549Undaria pinnatifida200–1000Less cytotoxicInhibit cell proliferation[18]
Fucus vesiculosus0–400Caspase-3↑
PARP cleavage
TLR-4 mediatedInhibit cell proliferation
Induce cell apoptosis
A549Turbinaria conoides10–1000G0/G1 phase arrestInhibit cell proliferation
Induce cell apoptosis
  1. PARP poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase, VEGF vascular endothelial growth factor, MMPs matrix metalloproteinases