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Table 3 Studies including lncRNA BDNF-AS and MT1JP in cancers

From: Long noncoding RNAs as potential biomarkers in retinoblastoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis

First authorYearDiseasesSample sizeAssayExpressionPotential targets
 Huaying Zhao [26]2018Oesophageal cancer45 pairs of surgical primary EC tissuesqPCRDownregulatedmiR‐214
 Huimin Zhang [27]2018Cervical cancer125 pairs of cancer cervix tissuesqPCRDownregulatedBDNF
 Hui Zhi [28]2019Colorectal cancer (CRC)20 pairs of CRC tissuesqPCRDownregulatedGSK-3β
 Wensheng Li [29]2018Prostate cancer (CaP)141 pairs of surgical CaP tissuesqPCRDownregulatedNA
 Qiang Huang [30]2018Osteosarcoma (OS)114 OS samples
35 paired non-cancerous samples
qPCRDownregulatedcleaved caspase-3
 Farbod Esfandi [30]2019Gastric cancer30 pairs of cancer specimensqPCRDownregulatedNA
 Ying Xu [31]2018Gastric cancer99 pairs of GC tissues and neighboring noncancerous tissuesqPCRDownregulatedMT1JP/MiR-214-3p/RUNX3
 Gang Zhang [32]2018Gastric cancer5 pairs of normal and GC tissues + 75 paired tissuesqPCRDownregulatedMT1JP/MiR-92a-3p/FBXW7
 Donglei Zhu [33]2019Breast cancer56 paired samples of breast cancer tissue and adjacent normal breast tissuesqPCRDownregulatedmiR-24-3p
 Haifeng Yu [34]2019Bladder tumor35 paired samples of bladder cancer samples and adjacent no‐tumor samplesqPCRDownregulatedmiR-214-3p
 Jiyong Ma [35]2019Lung cancer30 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and adjacent normal tissuesqPCRDownregulatedmiRNA-423-3p/Bim