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Table 1 The top 5 GO items related to proteins involved in UBE2I network

From: UBE2I promotes metastasis and correlates with poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma

GO-termDescriptionFalse discovery rate
Biological process (BP)
 GO:0016925Protein sumoylation8.43e−24
 GO:0033235Positive regulation of protein sumoylation5.45e−06
 GO:0032436Positive regulation of proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process9.15e−06
 GO:0043085Positive regulation of catalytic activity8.30e−04
 GO:0065009Regulation of molecular function1.20e−03
Molecular function (MF)
 GO:0019789SUMO transferase activity9.18e−14
 GO:0044388Small protein activating enzyme binding2.99e−10
 GO:0019899Enzyme binding9.43e−08
 GO:0031386Protein tag3.48e−07
 GO:0008022Protein C-terminus binding6.65e−07
Cellular component (CC)
 GO:0016605PML body3.45e−12
 GO:0031510SUMO activating enzyme complex1.34e−07
 GO:0044428Nuclear part1.73e−06
 GO:0044614Nuclear pore cytoplasmic filaments5.48e−05