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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of 544 patients with UCEC from TCGA database

From: A novel risk score system of immune genes associated with prognosis in endometrial cancer

Clinicopathological characteristicsNumber (total = 544) (%)
Age at diagnosis31–90 years (median: 64 years)
 Black or African American10921.21%
Menopause status 
Surgical approach 
 Minimally invasive20338.96%
Histological type 
 Serous endometrial adenocarcinoma11521.14%
 Endometrioid endometrial adenocarcinoma40774.82%
 Mixed serous and endometrioid224.04%
 Low/moderate (G1/G2)22140.63%
 High (G3)32359.38%
Tumor invasion depth 
 < 1/225455.70%
 ≥ 1/220244.30%
Tumor status 
 Tumor free42884.42%
 With tumor7915.58%
Residual tumor 
 No residual (R0)37590.80%
 With residual (R1/R2)389.20%
Peritoneal washing 
Pelvic lymph node 
Para-aortic lymph node