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Table 1 Correlation between KIF21B expression and clinicopathological features of the patients with non-small cell lung cancer

From: Kinesin superfamily protein 21B acts as an oncogene in non-small cell lung cancer

Clinical featuresPatientsKIF21B expression
LowHighP Valuea
 Gender   0.449
 Age, year   0.978
  < 60311219 
  ≥ 60411625 
 Smoking   0.611
 Histological type   0.214
 Differentiation   0.145
 pT   0.404
 pN   0.017
 pTNM   0.031
  1. SCC squamous cell carcinoma, ADC adenocarcinoma, pT tumor size, pN lymph node metastasis, pTNM tumor stage
  2. P Valuea: Fisher’s exact probability test