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TableĀ 1 Clinical trial development by MiRNA; data were adapted from

From: MicroRNAs signatures, bioinformatics analysis of miRNAs, miRNA mimics and antagonists, and miRNA therapeutics in osteosarcoma

Study title Conditions Interventions Study type and phase
Plasma microRNA, lung cancer Lung cancer Screening Interventional study, not applicable
MicroRNA-155 and telomerase reverse transcriptase, non-muscle invasive bladder cancer bladder cancer and disease Diagnostic method: miRNA -155
Diagnostic method: Human telomerase reverse transcriptase
interventional, not applicable
Plasma microRNAs, pelvic gynecologic tumors Ovarian cancer
Endometrial cancer
Other: blood sample Interventional study, not applicable
Circulating miRNAs, breast cancer Breast cancer Drug: tamoxifen, letrozole, anastrozole, exemestane Interventional study, Phase 4
A 6 microRNA Tool for Stratifying Stage II colon cancer Colonic
A 6 microRNA stratified tool Interventional study, Not applicable
MicroRNA in NAF, serum, and tissue, breast cancer Breast Cancer
Ductal carcinoma in situ
Drug application: intranasal oxytocin Interventional study, Phase 2
A multicenter phase I study of MRX34, MicroRNA miR-RX34 liposomal injection Primary liver cancer
Drug application: MRX34 Interventional study, Phase 1
MicroRNA involved in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma Cancer of the Skin Genetic: arm A Interventional study, not applicable
Plasma miRNAs for Predicting Radiosensitivity in Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Advanced non-small cell lung cancer Radiotherapy Interventional study, not applicable