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Table 2 Observational clinical trial development by MiRNAs; all data was adapted and collected from

From: MicroRNAs signatures, bioinformatics analysis of miRNAs, miRNA mimics and antagonists, and miRNA therapeutics in osteosarcoma

Study title (reference) Conditions Interventions Type
Circulating microRNA for cardiotoxicity in breast cancer Breast cancer Observational
MicroRNAs Tool for stratifying stage II colon cancer Colon cancer, effects of chemotherapy Device: miRNA tool Observational
MicroRNA processing enzymes dicer and drosha Skin cancer Observational
MicroRNA blood test for lung cancer screening Lung cancer Observational
Micro RNAs for prediction of response to androgen deprivation therapy Prostate cancer Drug: bicalutamide, leuprolide, goserelin Observational
Investigating the role of novel molecular profiles, microRNA’s, and their targets in colorectal cancer progression Colorectal cancer Biomarker study Observational
MIRNA profiling of breast cancer Breast cancer Observational
Circulating microRNA as a tool for primary brain tumors Brain tumors Observational
The utility of circulating tumour cells and plasma microRNA Esophageal cancer Blood draw Observational
Anti-IMP3 Autoantibody and MicroRNA signature blood tests for detection of metastatic kidney cancer Kidney cancer Genetic: gene and protein expression analysis
Diagnostic tools: laboratory biomarker
MicroRNAs for diagnosis of pulmonary cancer Pulmonary cancer Blood punction Observational
Circulating miRNAs. ICORG 10–11, V2 Breast ccancer, Recurrent breast cancer Observational
Lipidomics, proteomics, micro RNAs and volatile organic compounds Pancreatic neoplasms blood and bile Observational
Chemoresistance in epithelial ovarian cancer Ovarian Cancer Observational
MicroRNA-10b in patients with gliomas Astrocytoma, oligodendroglioma, oligoastrocytoma Observational
MicroRNAs in neurofibromatosis type 1 Glioma
Neurofibromatosis Type 1
Microarray analysis in basal cell carcinoma Basal cell carcinoma Observational
Microarray analysis of microRNA in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma Observational
MicroRNA expression in renal cell carcinoma Renal cell carcinoma Observational
The role of microRNA in cutaneous melanoma Melanoma Observational