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Table 1 Genes that influence the overall survival of STAD in both TCGA and GEO

From: Exploring TCGA database for identification of potential prognostic genes in stomach adenocarcinoma

Categories Gene symbols
Membrane ACKR1, ADGRB3, CHRNA3 [23], CYP1B1 [24], FLNC [25], PLIN4, PLN, RNF150, SELP [26], TACR2
Extracellular region ANGPTL1 [27], BCHE, C7, CARTPT [28], CPXM2 [29], PRG4, VIP
Extracellular matrix OMD [30], MGP [31], KERA, SFRP2 [32], SPARCL1 [33]
Cytoplasm PDLIM3 [34], MYL9 [35], FHL1 [36], DES, SYNC, CPED1
Protein binding, DNA binding HAND2, CNN1 [37], BNC2
  1. Italic genes have been reported to be associated with the overall survival prognosis of STAD