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Table 1 Summary of PCA evaluation

From: Untargeted LC–MS/MS analysis reveals metabolomics feature of osteosarcoma stem cell response to methotrexate

TitleIon modelAR2X (cum)Q2 (cum)
1A vs. 1BPositive20.7210.579
1A vs. 1BNegative20.7340.57
2A vs. 2BPositive20.7640.641
2A vs. 2BNegative20.6930.495
3A vs. 3BPositive20.8150.706
3A vs. 3BNegative20.6430.423
4A vs. 4BPositive20.6710.466
4A vs. 4BNegative20.7210.54
  1. QC quality control, PCA principal component analysis