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Table 2 Summary of PLS-DA and OPLS-DA evaluation

From: Untargeted LC–MS/MS analysis reveals metabolomics feature of osteosarcoma stem cell response to methotrexate

TitleIon modelPLS-DAOPLS-DA
AR2X (cum)R2Y (cum)Q2 (cum)AR2X (cum)R2Y (cum)Q2 (cum)
1A vs 1BPositive20.70610.9981 + 1+00.70610.997
1A vs 1BNegative20.73210.9971 + 1+00.73210.996
2A vs 2BPositive20.7530.9950.9831 + 1+00.7530.9950.982
2A vs 2BNegative20.67110.9971 + 1+00.67110.995
3A vs 3BPositive20.80710.9981 + 1+00.80710.998
3A vs 3BNegative20.63310.9941 + 1+00.63310.992
4A vs 4BPositive20.64210.9941 + 1+00.64210.993
4A vs 4BNegative20.68310.9951 + 1+00.68310.996
  1. PLS-DA partial least squares to latent structure-discriminant analysis, OPLS-DA orthogonal partial last square-discriminant analysis