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Table 7 Correlation of RP11-89K21.1 with immune infiltration analyzed by ImmucLnc

From: Identification of long noncoding RNA RP11-89K21.1 and RP11-357H14.17 as prognostic signature of endometrial carcinoma via integrated bioinformatics analysis

CancerLncRNA IDLncRNA symbolImmune cellP valueRs valueb
UCECENSG00000259439LINC01833aCD8_T cell0− 0.159
UCECENSG00000259439LINC01833Macrophage0.01− 0.11
UCECENSG00000259439LINC01833Dendritic0.981− 0.001
UCECENSG00000259439LINC01833CD4_T cell0.0130.106
  1. a LINC01833 the alternative gene name of RP11-89K21.1, b The correlation coefficient