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Table 2 Correlation of LINC00242 expression with the clinical characteristics of GC patients

From: Activation of the LINC00242/miR-141/FOXC1 axis underpins the development of gastric cancer

Clinical characteristicsCaseLINC00242 expressionχ2p value
high (n)low (n)
 ≤ 60482919  
 > 6020119  
Lymph node metastasis6.7730.009*
TNM stage10.1050.018*
Tumor differentiation4.4040.036*
 High and medium23914  
 Low and none453114  
Tumor size1.0600.303
 ≤ 4 cm351817  
 > 4 cm332211  
  1. Data were analyzed using Chi square test (*p < 0.05)