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Fig. 5

From: A newly identified lncRNA H1FX-AS1 targets DACT1 to inhibit cervical cancer via sponging miR-324-3p

Fig. 5Fig. 5

MiR-324-3p over-expression or DACT1 knockdown blocked H1FX-AS1-induced inhibition of the aggressive behaviors in CC cells. To further determine the functional effect of the H1FX-AS1/miR-324-3p/DACT1 axis in the CC cells, the a cell viability, b clone formation ability, c apoptosis, d apoptosis-related proteins, e cell migration, f cell invasion in SiHa and HeLa cells after H1FX-AS1 over-expression (OE-H1FX-AS1) with or without miR-324-3p over-expression by miR-324-3p mimics (miR-324-3p) or DACT1 knockdown (vector, OE-H1FX-AS1, OE-H1FX-AS1 + miR-324-3p, OE-H1FX-AS1 + si-DACT1) by small interfering RNA (si-DACT1) were investigated, respectively. **p < 0.01, ##p < 0.01

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