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Table 1 Expression, clinical significance, and biological function of ALKBH5 in various cancers

From: The biological function of m6A demethylase ALKBH5 and its role in human disease

Cancer Expression Role Biological Function Target References
Lung adenocarcinoma Upregulated Oncogene Proliferation and invasion, FOXM1 [11]
NSCLC Upregulated Oncogene Proliferation, invasion, migration, and EMT YAP [13]
Proliferation, apoptosis and tumor growth TIMP3 [20]
Pancreatic cancer Downregulated Tumor suppressor Proliferation, invasion and migration WIF-1 [16]
Motility KCNK15-AS1 [26]
Colon cancer Downregulated Tumor suppressor Invasion and metastasis [17]
Gastric cancer Oncogene Invasion and metastasis NEAT1 [19]
Glioblastoma Upregulated Oncogene Migration and invasion [15]
Proliferation, tumorigenesis FOXM1 [25]
Epithelial ovarian cancer Upregulated Oncogene Proliferation and invasion EGFR-PIK3CA-AKT-mTOR, BCL-2 [21]
Clear cell renal cell carcinoma Downregulated [45]
Osteosarcoma Proliferation and tumor growth PVT1 [40]
Oral squamous cell carcinoma Chemoresistance FOXM1, NANOG [46]