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Table 1 The top 10 co-upregulated circRNAs in our microarrays and CRC circRNA microarray GSE126094 from the GEO database

From: Identification of circular RNA hsa_circ_0044556 and its effect on the progression of colorectal cancer

CircRNA ID Fold change P-value CircRNA type Chromosome Best transcript GeneSymbol
hsa_circ_0004104 8.8323548 0.00959516 Exonic chr5 NM_003118 SPARC
hsa_circ_0044556 6.9246896 0.02742728 Exonic chr17 NM_000088 COL1A1
hsa_circ_0092283 4.5172247 0.03906942 Intronic chr22 ENST00000216181 MYH9
hsa_circ_0004519 3.5141603 0.04530482 Exonic chr16 NM_018124 RFWD3
hsa_circ_0028299 3.3084192 0.04170796 Exonic chr12 NM_025247 ACAD10
hsa_circ_0000644 3.1460597 0.01080386 Intronic chr15 ENST00000558261 RP11-351M8.1
hsa_circ_0004957 3.0425366 0.02561224 Exonic chrX NM_024917 TRMT2B
hsa_circ_0080425 3.0098437 0.00992264 Exonic chr7 NM_022479 WBSCR17
hsa_circ_0070610 2.7063551 0.01320865 Exonic chr4 NM_005443 PAPSS1
hsa_circ_0008365 2.6635341 0.0439912 Exonic chr2 NM_006216 SERPINE2