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Table 1 The crosstalk between circRNAs and the TME in cancer metastasis

From: The crosstalk between circular RNAs and the tumor microenvironment in cancer metastasis

Category circRNA Expression in cancers TME components Mechanisms of action References (#)
Local invasion and migration
  circ_0026344 CRC↓ TAMs circ_0026344/miR-183 [30]
circRIP2 BC↑ TAMs circRIP2/miR-1305/TGF-β2-smad3 [32]
circASAP1 HCC↑ TAMs CircASAP1/miR-326/miR-532-5p/MAPK1-CSF-1 [33]
hsa_circ_0007843 CC↑ ECM hsa_circ_0007843/miR-518c-5p/MMP2 [38]
hsa_circ_0001361 BC↑ ECM hsa_circ_0001361/miR-491-5p/MMP9 [39]
CircMMP9 OSCC↑ ECM CircMMP9/ miR-149/ MMP9 [40]
has-circRNA-0007334 PDAC↑ ECM Has-circRNA-0007334/hsa-miR-144-3p/MMP7 [43]
cSMARCA5 HCC↓ ECM cSMARCA5/miR-17-3p/miR-181b-5p/TIMP3 [46]
hsa_circ_0053277 CRC↑ ECM Hsa_circ_0053277/miR-2467-3p/MMP14 [48]
circ_0055625 CC↑ ECM circ_0055625/miR-106b-5p (miR-106b)/ITGB8 [54]
hsa_circ_0046701 Glioma↑ ECM hsa_circ_0046701/miR-142-3p/ ITGB8 [55]
circFNDC3B GC↑ ECM CircFNDC3B/IGF2BP3/CD44 mRNA [58]
has-circRNA-0007334 PDAC↑ ECM Has-circRNA-0007334/has-miR-577/COL1A1 [43]
circ-CAMK2A LUAD↑ ECM circ-CAMK2A/miR-615-5p /FN1 [61]
circSKA3 Breast cancer↑ ECM circSKA3 Tks5-integrinβ1 [63]
circRNA_104075 HCC↑ CAFs circ_104075 / miR-582-3p/YAP [65]
circHIAT1 CCRCC↓ AR circHIAT1/miR-195-5p/29a-3p/Cdc42 [67]
  circ-UBAP2 PAAD↑ TAMs circ-UBAP2/hsa-miR-494/CXCR4 and ZEB1 [73]
circ_0056618 GC↑ TAMs circ_0056618/miR-206/CXCR4 [74]
circFGFR1 NSCLC↑ TAMs circFGFR1/miR-381-3p/CXCR4 [75]
hsa_circ_0020397 CRC↑ Immunocytes hsa_circ_0020397/miR-138/TERT and PD-L1 [82]
CDR1-AS CC↑ Immunocytes Unknown [83]
circRNA-MYLK BC↑ Angiogenesis circRNA-MYLK/miR-29a/VEGFA [88]
circ0001429 BC↑ Angiogenesis circ0001429/miR-205-5p/VEGFA [89]
circSCAF11 Glioma↑ Angiogenesis circSCAF11/miR-42 /SP1/VEGFA [90]
cZNF292 Glioma cells, unknown Angiogenesis Unknown [92]
hsa_circ_0091570 HCC↓ Angiogenesis hsa_circ_0091570/miR-1307/ISM1 [94]
cZNF292 HCC↑(hypoxia-responsive) Angiogenesis ccZNF292/SOX9/VM [95]
Survival in circulation
  circRNA-seq Human platelets, unknown Platelet-tumor cell clusters   [101]
circ_0026344 CRC↓ Anoikis resistance circ_0026344/miR-183 [30]
circOMA1 NFPA↑ Anoikis resistance circOMA1/miR-145-5p/TPTI/Bcl-xL [105]
Exosomes on homing
  circPUM1 EOC↑   CircPUM1/miR-6753-5p/MMP2 [106]
circ-IARS Pancreatic cancer↑   circ-IARS/miR-122 /RhoA/F-actin and ZO-1 [107]
hsa_circ_0137439 Bladder cancer urine↑   hsa_circ_0137439/miR-142-5p/MTDH [110]
hsa_circRNA_0056616 LUAD↑   Unknown [113]
  1. ↑ upregulation; ↓ downregulation; ECM: extracellular matrix; CRC: colorectal cancer; BC: bladder cancer; HCC: hepatocellular carcinoma; CC: colon cancer; OSCC: oral squamous cell carcinoma; PDAC: pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma; TIMPs: tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases; ITGB8: integrin β8; GC: gastric cancer; COL1A1: collagen type I α 1; FN1: fibronectin 1; LUAD: lung adenocarcinoma; CAFs: cancer-associated fibroblasts; CCRCC: clear cell renal cell carcinoma; AR: androgen receptor; PAAD: pancreatic adenocarcinoma; NSCLC: non-small cell lung cancer; TERT: telomerase reverse transcriptase; ISM: Isthmin; VM: vasculogenic mimicry; SOX9: SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 9; TPT1: translationally controlled tumor protein; NFPAs: non-functioning pituitary adenomas; EOC: epithelial ovarian cancer; MTDH: metadherin