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Table 3 LncRNAs involved in tumor diagnostic and prognostic prediction of pancreatic cancer

From: Research progress on long non-coding RNAs and their roles as potential biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis in pancreatic cancer

LncRNA Diagnosis or prognosis Sample AUC AUC when combined with non-lncRNA parameters References
Linc-pint Diagnosis (PDAC vs healthy control) Plasma 0.87 0.92 (Combined with CA19-9) [77]
SNHG15 Diagnosis (PDAC vs control) Plasma/Tissues 0.727/0.785 [78]
LINC01638 Diagnosis (PDAC vs healthy control) Plasma 0.8760 [79]
LncRNA ABHD11-AS1 Diagnosis (PDAC vs healthy control) Plasma 0.887 0.982 (Combined with CA19-9) [80]
LncRNA HULC Diagnosis (PDAC vs healthy control) Plasma (extracellular vesicle) 0.94 [81]
8-lncRNA signature (FGA, KRT19, HIST1H2BK, ITIH2, MARCH2, CLDN1, MAL2 and TIMP1) Diagnosis (resectable PDAC vs healthy control) Plasma (extracellular vesicle) 0.949 [82]
LncRNA HOTAIR and PVT1 Diagnosis (PDAC vs healthy control) Salivary 0.909 0.870 (Combined with CA19-9) [83]
  Diagnosis (PDAC vs benign pancreatic lesions) Salivary 0.909  
  Diagnosis (PDAC vs IPMN) Plasma (extracellular vesicle) 0.91  
8-lncRNA signature (ADARB2-AS1, ANRIL, GLIS3-AS1, LINC00472, MEG3, PANDA, PVT1 and UCA1) Diagnosis (Malignant IPMN vs benign IPMN) Plasma 0.77 0.9244 (A model combining the 8-lncRNA signature, the 5-miRNA signature, radiomic features, standard worrisome features (WF), gender, and presence of jaundice [85]
LncRNA UFC1 Diagnosis (PDAC vs healthy control) Plasma 0.810 [92]
LncRNA AFAP-AS1 Prognosis Tissues 0.8669 (6 months)/0.9370 (1 year) [88]
5-lncRNA signature (C9orf139, MIR600HG, RP5-965G21.4, RP11-436K8.1, and CTC-327F10.4) Prognosis Tissues 0.742 [89]
8-lncRNA signature (RP3.470B24.5, CTA.941F9.9, RP11.557H15.3, LINC00960, AP000479.1, LINC00635, LINC00636 and AC073133.1) Prognosis Tissues 0.647 0.716 (Combined a panel of 8-mRNA signature) [90]
5-lncRNA signature (RP11-159F24.5, RP11-744N12.2, RP11-388M20.1, RP11-356C4.5, CTC-459F4.9) Prognosis Tissues 0.70 0.76 (Combined with TNM stage) [91]
9-immune related lncRNA signature (AL138966.2, AL133520.1, AC142472.1, AC127024.5, AC116913.1, AC083880.1, AC124016.1, AC008443.5, and AC092171.5) Prognosis Tissues 0.703 [93]
  1. AUC, Area under curve; PDAC, Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma; SNHG, Small nucleolar RNA host gene; CA, Carbohydrate antigen; ABHD11-AS1, α,β-hydrolase domain-containing protein 11-antisense 1; HOTAIR, HOX transcript antisense RNA; PVT, plasmacytoma variant translocation; HULC, Highly upregulated in liver cancer; IPMN, Intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm; ANRIL, Antisense noncoding RNA in the INK4 locus; MEG, Maternally expressed