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Table 2 Review for the regulatory roles of selected differentially co-expressed genes on cancer cells

From: Joint analysis of lncRNA m6A methylome and lncRNA/mRNA expression profiles in gastric cancer

Genes Chromosome Regulation in GC tissue Regulatory roles on cancer cells Citation
CEACAM1 chr19 Up Modulating GC invasiveness, lumen formation, growth and metastasis [38, 39]
ATP10B chr5 Up Unknown  
FUT6 chr19 Up Promoting CRC and BC cell proliferation, migration and invasion [40, 41]
PSG8 chr19 Up Unknown  
ARHGAP11A chr15 Up Facilitating HCC cell proliferation, invasion, migration and EMT; Promoting BLBC growth [42,43,44]
C5orf34 chr5 Up Unknown  
FAM151B chr5 Up Facilitating LAD cell proliferation and migration [45]
CHEK2 chr22 Up Promoting GC cell proliferation [46,47,48]
AIMP2 chr7 Up Suppressing cell apoptosis of lung cancer and EOC [49,50,51]
RAD51D chr17 Up Increasing BC cell growth [52]
POF1B chrX Up Unknown  
PPA1 chr10 Up Promoting cell proliferation and inhibiting apoptosis of NSCLC, ovarian cancer and colon cancer [53,54,55,56]
S100A3 chr1 Up Suppressing cell apoptosis and increasing invasion of CRPC [57]
PCNA chr20 Up Cell proliferation marker [58, 59]
MYBL2 chr20 Up Regulating cell proliferation, survival and differentiation [60, 61]
CD276 chr15 Up Promoting GC cell migration and invasion [62, 63]
PGA3 chr11 Down Unknown  
GIF chr11 Down Gastric intrinsic factor [64, 65]
GPER1 chr7 Down Increasing GC cell apoptosis [66]
FGA chr4 Down Inhibiting LAD cell proliferation, migration and invasion [67]
SYNE1 chr6 Down Unknown  
GNMT chr6 Down Promoting cell proliferation and regulating apoptosis of PC; Reducing HCC cell proliferation; [68,69,70]
MACROD2 chr20 Down Inhibiting HCC cell proliferation, invasiveness and EMT [71]
PCDH11Y chrY Down Unknown  
C1QTNF9 chr13 Down Unknown  
S100B chr21 Down Inhibiting GC cell growth and invasion [72]
ADAMTSL1 chr9 Down Regulating chondrosarcoma cell proliferation [73]
CADM2 chr3 Down Inhibiting cell proliferation, migration, invasion and inducing apoptosis of various cancer [74,75,76,77,78,79]
PAPPA2 chr1 Down Unknown  
  1. GC gastric cancer, CRC colorectal cancer, BC breast cancer, HCC hepatocellular carcinoma, EMT epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, BLBC basal-like breast cancer, LAD lung adenocarcinoma, EOC epithelial ovarian cancer, NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer, CRPC castration-resistant prostate cancer, PC prostate cancer