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Table 1 The mechanisms of therapeutic resistance induced by NF1 mutations

From: Advancement in research and therapy of NF1 mutant malignant tumors

Alteration induced by NF1 mutations Downstream factors Related therapeutic resistance References
Inhibition of cisplatin-induced apoptosis MCL1↓ Cisplatin [35]
Heat shock response HSF1↑ Trastuzumab, lapatinib [44,45,46,47,48]
EMT Invasion and migration Targeted therapy [51,52,53,54]
mTOR-HIF-1α-VEGF pathway↑ VEGF↑ TKIs [57,58,59,60]
Ras-dependent pathways Ras↑ TKIs [8, 41, 49]
  1. “↓”means down regulation of expression; “↑”means upregulation of expression