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Table 4 Validated ceRNA networks shaped by the ceRNA function of pseudogene in HCC

From: The emerging roles of non-coding competing endogenous RNA in hepatocellular carcinoma

ceRNA network type ceRNA member Shared miRNA(s) Competing target (mRNA) ceRNA role Experiments related to mechanism Related HCC function mechanisms Ref
Pseudogene–miRNA–mRNA OCT4-pg4 miR-145 OCT4 Oncogenic siRNA knockdown in mouse xenografts Proliferation and colony formation [10]
  RACGAP1P miR-15-5p RACGAP1 Oncogenic Overexpression in mouse xenografts Proliferation and migration [147]
  INTS6P1 miR-17-5p INTS6 Tumor suppressive Overexpression in mouse xenografts Apoptosis and cell growth [148]
  1. ceRNA: competing endogenous RNA; mRNAs: messenger RNAs; miRNA: microRNA; HCC: hepatocellular carcinoma; Ref: reference