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Table 2 Databases of circRNAs

From: Cancer-related circular RNA: diverse biological functions

Database Websites The date of launching Function
circRNABase 2013 Constructing interaction networks of miRNA and circRNA and circRNA and RBPs
Circ2Traits 2013 The first database to collect circRNAs potentially associated with human disease or traits
circBase 2014 Information such as genome location, cell line or tissue source and references can be provided and downloaded for a specific circRNA
CIRCpedia 2016 Providing annotations of alternative splicing and back splicing events for circRNAs from different cell lines or tissues
deepBase v2.0 2016 A platform for analyzing and predicting the evolution, expression patterns and functions of ncRNA in 19 different species
CircInteractome 2016 Predicting potential binding sites for RBPs and circRNA, miRNAs and circRNA, designing primers and siRNA for circRNAs
CircNet 2016 The first public information platform that provides tissue-specific circRNA expression and circRNA-miRNA-mRNA regulatory networks
CircRNADb 2016 The first circRNA database with the ability to encode proteins, providing information on the translational potential of circRNA and its related proteins
TSCD 2017 Searching for tissue-specific circRNA information in humans and mouse and predicting bound miRNAs
exoRBase 2017 Containing mRNA, lncRNA and circRNA, from serum exosomal RNA-seq sequencing samples
CSCD 2018 Provides many tumor-specific circRNAs, predicting MRE, RBP binding sites, ORF, and analyzing alternative splicing of related genes
circlncRNAnet 2018 An online analysis database that integrates the functional network of lncRNA and circRNA, supporting online visual analysis
circRNA disease 2018 Collecting human disease-related circRNAs and searching by circRNA name or disease name is supported
CircR2Disease 2018 Revealing the relationship between circRNA and disease, and building an interaction network of circRNA and diseases