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Table 2 miRNA acts as suppressor in breast cancer

From: MicroRNA regulation of cancer stem cells in the pathogenesis of breast cancer

miRNA Target Result on BCSCs
miR-7 KLF4 Inhibits self-renewal, pluripotent potential metastatic and invasive ability of BCSCs
miR-93 HMGA2  
EZH1 Suppresses EMT and metastasis
JAK1 Inhibits differentiation and proliferation of BCSCs
miR-30 UBC9 Inhibits self-renewal ability of BCSCs
ITGB3 Induces apoptosis of BCSCs
miR-590-5p SOX2 Inhibits stemness, metastasis, population and tumorigenicity of BCSCs
miR-140 ALDH1 Reduces stemness phenotypes of BCSCs
SOX9 Inhibits tumor growth and formation in vivo
miR-16 Wip1 Inhibits growth and self-renewal capacity of BCSCs
miR-130-3p RAB5B Represses proliferation, migration and invasion of BCSCs
miR-4319 E2F2 Inhibits tumorigenicity and self-renewal of BCSCs
miR-519d MCL-1 Suppresses BCSCs’ chemoresistance to cisplatin
miR-375 HOXB3 Inhibits stemness phenotypes, EMT, migration and invasion of BCSCs