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Table 3 Survival analyses by subgroups for gastric cancer patients according to the Cox proportional hazards model

From: Co-expression of CMTM6 and PD-L1: a novel prognostic indicator of gastric cancer

Variable High CMTM6 High PD-L1
HR 95%CI P-value HR 95%CI P-value
 Low     0.937 0.396–2.219 0.883
 High     1.816 1.006–3.277 0.048
 Low 1.231 0.546–2.774 0.617    
 High 2.120 1.618–4.020 0.021    
  1. CMTM6 CKLF Like MARVEL Transmembrane Domain Containing 6, PD-L1 Programmed death ligand-1