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Table 1 Grading table of GIM based on the SDSGIM corresponding to table for OLGIM

From: A novel method of grading gastric intestinal metaplasia based on the combination of subtype and distribution

Corpus No IM (score 0) Type I IM (score 1) Type II IM (score 2) Type III IM (score 3)
 No IM (score 0) Stage 0 Stage I Stage II Stage II
 Type I IM (score 1) Stage I Stage I Stage II Stage III
 Type II IM (score 2) Stage II Stage II Stage III Stage IV
 Type III IM (score 3) Stage III Stage III Stage IV Stage IV
  1. SDSGIM Subtype Distribution Score of Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia, GIM gastric intestinal metaplasia, OLGIM Operative Link on Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia
  2. Stage III and IV were considered high-risk group