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Table 4 Performance comparison for the detection of the EGFR T790M mutation between exoTNA from supernatant and total DNA from cell pellets isolated from pleural fluid (n = 13)

From: Exosome-based detection of EGFR T790M in plasma and pleural fluid of prospectively enrolled non-small cell lung cancer patients after first-line tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy

EGFR genotype TP and TNa ddPCR using exoTNA extracted from supernatants ddPCR using total DNA extracted from cell pellet
Mutant type Wild-type Mutant type Wild-type
Mutant type 7 7 0 5 2
Wild-type 6 0 6 0 6
Sensitivity,% (95% CI)   100 (97.3–103) 71.4 (68.7–74.1)
Specificity, % (95% CI)   100 (97.3–103) 100 (97.3–103)
Accuracy, % (95% CI)   100 (97.3–103) 84.6 (81.9–87.3)
  1. a‘True positive’ was defined by a positive T790M mutation in one or more liquid biopsy platforms among exoTNA from supernatants and cellular total DNA from pleural fluid; ‘True negative’ was defined as T790M mutation negative in all tested liquid biopsy platforms
  2. TP true positive, TN true negative, CI confidence interval