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Table 3 Basic information of datasets used in this study

From: Three novel circRNAs upregulated in tissue and plasma from hepatocellular carcinoma patients and their regulatory network

Dataset Platform Sample size
Race Data type Cut-off
GSE78520 GPL19978 3/3 Chinese CircRNA expression profile in HCC and matched non-tumor tissues |log2(foldchange)| ≥ 0.585,
P < 0.05
GSE94508 GPL19978 5/5 Chinese
GSE97332 GPL19978 7/7 Chinese
GSE135806 GPL26925 5/5 Chinese CircRNA expression in the plasma from HBV-related HCC and chronic hepatitis B patients |log2(foldchange)| ≥ 1,
P < 0.05
GSE14520 GPL3921 225/220 Chinese Gene expression data of HBV-related HCC and paired non-tumor tissues |log2(foldchange)| ≥ 1,
P < 0.01
TCGA-LIHC Illumina HiSeq 374/50 mixed Asian/European origin Gene expression RNAseq of tumor and normal tissues |log2(foldchange)| ≥ 1,
P < 0.01
GSE76903 Illumina HiSeq 20/20 Chinese miRNA-seq of matched adjacent normal and primary tumor samples from HCC patients average normalized count ≥ 1
  1. TCGA-LIHC The Cancer Genome Atlas Liver Hepatocellular Carcinoma