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Table 4 The three up-regulated exonic circRNAs and the expression of their parent genes in TCGA-LIHC and GSE14520-GPL3921

From: Three novel circRNAs upregulated in tissue and plasma from hepatocellular carcinoma patients and their regulatory network

ID in circBase Position Strand Genomic length Spliced length CircRNA regulation Parent gene symbol Parent gene regulation in TCGA-LIHC Parent gene regulation in GSE14520 CircRNA vs. parent gene regulation direction
hsa_circ_0009910 chr1:12,049,221–12,052,747 + 3526 315 Up MFN2 Up No significant Different
hsa_circ_0049783 chr19:14,705,328–14,705,612 + 284 126 Up CLEC17A No significant Not available Different
hsa_circ_0089172 chr9:134,049,441–134,053,797 + 4356 526 Up NUP214 Up No significant Different