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Table 1 List of colon cancer stem cell markers

From: Protein–protein interaction analysis reveals a novel cancer stem cell related target TMEM17 in colorectal cancer

Gene Other name Function References
Lgr5 GPR49 Wnt signaling gene [4, 8, 38,39,40]
ALDH1A1 ALDC, ALDH1 Enzyme [7]
CD24 CD24A Cell adhesion molecule [8]
CD29 Integrin b1 Cell adhesion molecule [8]
CD44 CDW44 Cell adhesion molecule, Hyaluronic acid receptor [5, 8, 9]
CD133 Prominin 1 Self-renewal, Tumor angiogenesis [6, 8]
CD166 ALCAM Cell adhesion molecule [8]
EPCAM ESA, MK-1 Cell adhesion molecule [9]
MSI1 Musashi-1 RNA-binding protein [10, 11]