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Table 1 Expression, role, biological function and potential targets of YTHDF2 in cancers

From: The biological function of m6A reader YTHDF2 and its role in human disease

Cancer Expression Role Biological function Target Ref
Bladder Cancer Oncogene Migration SETD7 and KLF4 [21]
Hepatocellular Carcinoma Oncogene   SOCS2 [33]
Oncogene CSC liver phenotype, metastasis OCT4 [34]
Tumor suppressor Inflammation, vasculature remodeling, metastasis IL11, SERPINE2 [35]
Tumor suppressor Proliferation, tumor growth EGFR [36]
Cervical Cancer Oncogene Proliferation, apoptosis, cell cycle - [38]
Gastric Cancer Oncogene Proliferation, cell cycle, apoptosis - [40]
Osteosarcoma Tumor suppressor Cell viability, invasion, tumor growth   [42]
Pancreatic Cancer Oncogene Proliferation, migration, invasion Tumor growth, metastasis PER1 [44]
Prostate Cancer Oncogene Proliferation, migration miR-493-3p [46]