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Table 2 Comparison of the area under the ROC curves (AUCs) of four models analyzed in this study

From: A novel clinical model for predicting malignancy of solitary pulmonary nodules: a multicenter study in chinese population

Models AUCs 95% CI P value
For training cohort    
 Our model 0.768 0.716–0.815  
 PKUPH model 0.659 0.602–0.713  
 Shanghai model 0.728 0.674–0.778  
 Mayo model 0.602 0.544–0.659  
 Our model vs. PKUPH model    < 0.001
 Our model vs. Shanghai model    0.180
 Our model vs. Mayo model    < 0.001
For external validation cohort    
 Our model 0.718 0.620–0.803  
 PKUPH model 0.674 0.574–0.764  
 Shanghai model 0.632 0.530–0.726  
 Mayo model 0.562 0.460–0.661  
 Our model vs. PKUPH model    0.404
 Our model vs. Shanghai model    0.048
 Our model vs. Mayo model    0.007
  1. ROC receiver operating characteristic, AUCs areas under the curve, CI confidence interval